Monday, 5 November 2007

Instructions for photo submission

Candidates can are allowed to enter the competition in one or two subject categories (maximum). Submitted photos should be assigned to one of the following categories:
«Animal Lifel»
«Zooming the individual»
«The human animal»
« Asymmetric interactions»

Photos (two prints of each submitted photo) should be sent to: Behavior & Individuality conference; Coordenação da Lic. Em Biologia, att: Sandra Abrantes Universidade Lusófona, Campo Grande, 376 1749 - 024 Lisboa.

Print dimensions should not exceed A4 but be framed within A4 maximum capacity leaving a narrow white border. Author must send a written title and legend, explaining the photo content and not exceeding 25 words. Both Portuguese and English are accepted (preferably both) and exceptionally Spanish.

Each photo will be assessed by each member of the jury in a 1-7 scale in relation to the following criteria: 1- aesthetics, 2- form & content relation, relevance within the chosen theme. The jury is comprised of photo experts, biology experts and members of the general audience.

Deadline for entering the competition is February 15, 2008

The prize for the best photo will be announced shortly.

Important note: participation in the photo competition implies that you register for the conference.